Red Bar Shibuya The Coolest Bar You've Never Been To Yet!

Red Bar Shibuya is an awesome and unique bar you absolutely need to check out while travelling through Tokyo. You've definitely never seen anything like it!


Saffron in Ikebukuro, Tokyo Serves Tasty & Cheap Halal Indian Cuisine

If you want to have something filling and tasty without breaking the bank, drop by Saffron in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The best part is that it's also Halal!


Coffee Tengoku and the Perfect Pancake

The little coffee shop in Asakusa rose to world fame after Kantaro, the character from "Kantaro, the Sweet Tooth Salaryman" tasted their perfect pancake.

Shirosaka: One of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World

The restaurant is famous for its "tapas style"; in Japanese known as Kappo-ryori, kaiseki's less formal relative.

Yoshiya in Shinjuku, Tokyo A Kyoto-Style Restaurant with Halal and Vegetarian Options

Yoshiya in Shinjuku, Tokyo is a welcoming restaurant which allows a wider range of people to enjoy delicious Kyoto cuisine. Although the restaurant is not entirely Halal, they do have Halal and vegetarian options.


Get Down at The Room, in Shibuya

The little jazz club in Shibuya has hordes of fans from all over the world. Find out why!

Kingdom Hearts III's Official Concert From April 2019!

From January 29th at Square Enix' e-store, there is a raffle for the Kingdom Hearts III concert tickets!

Tokyo Station

Delicious Miso Motsunabe at Motsunabe Ichifuji in Fukuoka!

Motsunabe might not be your thing, but if you haven't had it yet, you should try it at Motsunabe Ichifuji! Their miso motsunabe just might you change your mind! It's a great place to have a nice dinner and some drinks with your friends.

Fukuoka City

5 Very Affordable Michelin Starred Restaurants In Tokyo

Here is a list of 5 Michelin starred restaurants in Tokyo where you can enjoy a surprisingly affordable meal. Most of the restaurants start at just ¥1,000!


Carne Station Ginza Has a Serious All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet

Carne Staton is a Korean BBQ buffet, perfect for big groups and meat lovers, with reasonable price in the fancy neighborhood of Ginza.

3 Places Where You Can Have Vegan Sushi In Tokyo

Vegetable sushi isn't very common in Tokyo. Sure you can get the standard avocado or cucumber maki virtually anywhere, but for some more original items, try one of these three restaurants!


Wagyu Yakiniku Blackhole in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Wagyu Yakiniku Blackhole has three different locations in Shinjuku alone. They serve amazing Japanese beef in a cool and modern setting, Be sure to check it out!


Hippari Dako, Nikko's Famous Restaurant

A favorite among the travelers, Hippari Dako is the perfect place to take a break from sightseeing and have a cheap, delicious meal.

Famous High-End Restaurants In Tokyo

Looking for the most exquisite restaurants in Tokyo? These are five iconic restaurants that are among the very best in their own genre.


Elegant Yet Affordable Yakiniku Cuisine at Toraji in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Yakiniku Toraji in Shinjuku, Tokyo is an elegant and modern yakiniku restaurant. Although it is in a busy entertainment district, the restaurant will give you a break from Tokyo's high-paced lifestyle. Here, you can have high-end yakiniku without breaking the bank.


Cheap Famous Restaurants In Tokyo (No Tourist Traps!)

Eating some outstanding food in Tokyo doesn't have to cost you more than ¥3,000. Here are some highly reputable restaurants where you enjoy incredible cuisine for cheap!


Ramen Honolulu For Halal Ramen in Osaka!

Ramen is a Japanese staple, but unfortunately, it is often made with pork broth making it is unsuitable for Muslim patrons. To counter that, Ramen Honolulu developed their own Halal ramen and now have many branches across Japan, including one in Osaka.

Osaka City

5 Foods You Should Try In Akihabara!

Akihabara is not exactly a gourmet spot but the offbeat district does boast a few noteworthy restaurants and types of foods to discover. Here they are!


Starbucks' New Sakura Line-Up For 2019!

As dearly anticipated, the sakura season is slowly arriving upon us and so are Starbucks' seasonal sakura drinks. This year, both will arrive earlier than usual. Along with the sakura drinks, Starbucks also came up with some pleasant mugs and tumblers. Available from February 15th, 2019

Ginza Uchiyama: the Perfect Kaiseki Meal

This gem of a restaurant will mesmerize you with the incredible care for details, the harmonious and perfect blend of tastes and textures, and the incredible hospitality.



Ginza Bairin - Ginza, Tokyo: สวรรค์, Katsudon แบบดั้งเดิมที่คุณต้องลอง!


กัดเป็นสเต็ก! เนื้อทั้งหมดที่คุณสามารถฝันได้จาก Nikubaru Gaburi ในชิบูย่าโตเกียว


งานเลี้ยงปลาทูน่าในคลับกับเพลง House? เฉพาะในโตเกียว!


คุณไม่เคยมีชีสฟองดูอย่างนี้! Garden Farm, Shinjuku, Tokyo


Niku Baru pippi, Tokyo - อาหารจานอร่อย




BLUSTA, All-You-Can-Eat Affordable Yakiniku In Hakodate, Hokkaido!


ต้องการลองก๋วยเตี๋ยวญี่ปุ่นพื้นเมืองและก๋วยเตี๋ยว Soba?


Ton Shabu Hide: Delectable Shabu Shabu In Kyoto!


Re:Dine GINZA an Innovative Restaurant With a Money Exchange System For Foreign Currencies


re:Dine GINZA Serves Umami-Filled Ramen in Ginza, Tokyo





สำรวจ Yokocho Alleys: คู่มือไปยังถนนด้านหลัง!

คุณสมบัติอื่น ๆ


Starbucks' New Sakura Line-Up For 2019!

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