ค้นหาคู่มือร้านอาหารและร้านอาหารของ Favy สำหรับจังหวัดไอจิ (ตอนใต้ของภูมิภาค Chubu)! เมืองและสถานที่น่าสนใจในจังหวัดไอจิ (愛知県, จังหวัดไอจิ) ได้แก่ นาโกย่าโตโยต้าและอิชิโนะมิยะ จังหวัดไอจิมีชื่อเสียงในเรื่องปีกไก่จานมิโซะสีเข้ม Hitumabushi (จานปลาไหล) และปราสาทอินุยามะ

Nagoya City Science Museum: House Of The World's Largest Planetarium!

Nagoya in central Japan is known for its amazing food culture, its edo-style castle and perhaps also for its amazing science museum. The place was build in 1962 but renovated on a large scale in 2012 to coincide with the opening of the planetarium in now houses. Here is more on that museum you should definitely visit while you are in Nagoya.

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too? A Beautiful Salad Cake in Nagoya

At this restaurant in Nagoya, you can have cake for lunch! And even if you're health-conscious, you can enjoy the cake, guilt-free. The cakes here are made with vegetables and are meant to enhance your beauty and health. Let's try a gorgeous salad cake for lunch while in Nagoya!

Inuyama Matsuri: Float Car Festival In Aichi!

Inuyama Matsuri is an annual festival held in Inuyama, Aichi. Inuyama Matsuri is well known for its magnificent floats! The gorgeous looking floats will surely be a scenery you cannot forget.

Lazy Egg Gudetama Is Opening His Cafe In Nagoya!

After the massive success of his permanent cafe in Osaka and his pop-up cafe in Tokyo, lazy egg Gudetama is opening a new Cafe near Nagoya Castle! For the first time, he's collaborating with Pompompurin, another endearing character by the Japanese company Sanrio!

Manhattan Roll Ice Cream Is Also Opening In Nagoya!

Manhattan Roll Ice Cream opened in August 2017 in Harajuku. It was so popular people were willing to wait in line for around 3 hours to try this ice cream originating from Thailand! There is now a new branch opening in Nagoya! It opened on June 16th, 2018!

Roll Ice Cream Factory Is Opening A New Store In Nagoya!

Roll Ice Cream Factory the very popular on Instagram and Youtube roll ice cream store is opening in Nagoya. There are starting a seasonal menu with particularly cute and delicious toppings!

The 5 Best Authentic Bars In Nagoya You'll Be Glad You Tried!

If you like bars with an awesome quaint atmosphere and great drinks, you will absolutely love this selection.

5 Good Yet Cheap Sushi Restaurants In Nagoya

Sushi doesn't have to be super expensive in Japan to be good. These addresses in Nagoya will prove you just that. Here are the 5 best sushi restaurants you can eat at without causing too much damage to your wallet.

The Best Places to Eat Ebi Fry (Deep Fried Shrimp) in Nagoya

Ebi fry or ebi furai, also known as fried shrimp is one of the famous Nagoya food in Japan. It is made of shrimps covered with breadcrumbs and deep fried. If you want to taste ebi fry, Nagoya is the place to go.

Nightlife In Nagoya: Some Spots You'll Be Glad To Know

This selection contains information on some of the best clubs, live houses, izakayas and authentic bars in the city of Nagoya.



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