Updated: October 07, 2019
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6 Best Japanese Restaurants in Ningyocho, Tokyo

Have you been to Ningyocho? Ningyocho literally means "doll town", and there are remains of an old downtown from Edo period where you can feel traditional Japan. There are a bunch of famous and old-established restaurants, so here is a list of 5 selected ones specializing in Japanese cuisines!

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Tamahide, established in 1760, is the very first restaurant that created and served a Japanese popular dish, "oyakodon". It is located just a minute from Ningyocho station.

Oyakodon is made of chicken and eggs simmered together and then topped over a bowl of rice. Their oyakodon has juicy and tender chicken which goes well with the creamy eggs. There is always a long line but it is totally worth the wait.

Ningyocho Imahan

Ningyocho Imahan is a famous sukiyaki and shabu shabu restaurant also located 1 minute walk away from Ningyocho station. It has over 100 years of history.

Both sukiyaki and shabu shabu is a type of Japanese hot pot dish consisting of thinly sliced beef and vegetables. They use high-class Japanese beef which is very tender and melts in your mouth. If you are a beef lover, you should try it! You can see further information (including the differences between the two dishes) from the link below.

Takagaki no Sushi

Takagaki no Sushi is a relatively new high-end sushi restaurant which opened near Tokyo's Ningyocho in September of 2018. The shop is very small (only 6 counter seats), cozy, and provides guests with an unforgettable masterpiece of a sushi course that compares in quality to the very best and most famous sushi restaurants in the city. The fish is so fresh that each piece of sushi seems full of life. This is what Toyko-style sushi is all about. Come here for a personal and memorable sushi meal that will stay in your memory for years to come.


Kizuzhi is a sushi restaurant established in 1923 which is well known for the traditional, delicious sushi. It is a 3-minute walk from Nigyocho station.

Their sushi doesn't just look beautiful but tastes great. They are very fresh and sophisticated, it means every ingredient, rice, seafood, and seasonings, is perfectly balanced. They have set menu too which is affordable compared to other fancy sushi restaurants.


Takesan is a Michelin-awarded restaurant specialized in yakitori (Japanese grilled chicken on a stick). About 3 minutes walk from Ningyocho station.

You can try many kinds of yakitori made from various parts of the chicken that you may have never had before. They also have a wide selection of sake menu which goes well with savory yakitori. A set of 7 kinds of yakitori is 1785 yen.


Futaba has been making great tofu and other tofu products since 1907. It is located on the street called "Amazake yokocho", just a minute from Ningyocho station.

They serve teishoku (Japanese style set meal) which comes with rice, soup, and various tofu dishes. The meal is delicious, and at the same time, very healthy and well-balance They also sell take-out products like donuts made from soy milk.

Ningyocho - So much traditions and tasty food!

Ningyocho is basically a Japanese food heaven where a lot of traditional and famous restaurants are lined up on the street. It is also very easy to access from anywhere in Tokyo. Why not try visiting it and enjoy their food?

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