Updated: November 06, 2018
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FREE TSUKEMEN Until the 21st of October at Tsukemen Akatombo in Nishi Shinjuku!

Unbelievable! You can have a meal of tsukemen for 0 yen at a new joint called Tsukemen Akatombo in Nishi Shinjuku. We tried it and it was excellent. The offer is only valid until the 21st of October, so hurry up to get yours!

Oct 19, 2017(Thu) - Oct 28, 2017(Sat)
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Tsukemen for ¥0!!!

For its grand opening, Tsukemen Akatombo is offering its tsukemen meal for free or for how much you choose to give. You've read that right. You choose the amount you pay for the meal so if you want to pay nothing at all, that's also an option. A long line could be seen in front of the restaurant for its opening on the 19th of October, 2017.

Tsukemen Akatombo

Tsukemen Akatombo specializes in a tsukemen (it's in the name after all), a type of ramen for which the noodles and toppings come with a dipping sauce instead of being in a broth.
The dipping sauce has a rich niboshi (broth made from dried sardines) taste. It went really well with the ramen noodles. You can decide if you want thick or fine noodles at Akatombo.
The dipping sauce is more concentrated than the typical ramen broth, so you get a richer taste from this dish compared to the traditional ramen soup bowl.
The toppings were nicely done! The half-boiled egg was cooked perfectly. It had a soft, creamy yolk and a hard exterior. You also get nori seaweed and a good amount of bamboo shoots and some finely chopped raw green onions.
And of course, you do get slices of very tender and tasty pork belly fat!
When you've eaten up all your noodles and toppings, you can add the hot water in which your noodles were boiled to your remaining sauce. This turns the sauce into a light soup for you to finish your meal with.


The pay-as-you-wish offer is only valid until October 21st, 2017. From October 23 to 28, a different campaign will begin. During this second campaign, you will be able to get the same tasty tsukemen set for 500 yen.
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