Updated: February 12, 2019
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Aminchi in Setagaya, Tokyo: Amazing Desserts In A Cozy Setting!


Aminchi in Setagaya is an inviting cafe with exquisite desserts where you can spend a delicious and relaxing afternoon. It's great to go with a friend or even a date. You'll like it so much, you might even make it a Sunday tradition!

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If you walk by this cafe, you will be drawn by the lovely and welcoming atmosphere, but it is the smell of the sweets that will attract you inside. Once you walk by, you're done for, there's no resisting. Simply surrender to your senses and try one of the lovely desserts with a nice, hot cup of coffee.


A Mont-Blanc is a very popular dessert in Japan, it is made with chestnuts and cream. It's heavenly! This goes so well with a cup of black coffee! Yum!
These desserts go perfectly well with a nice cup of cafe au lait. This dessert is not only beautiful but also delicious. It is a dessert from Alsace, made with meringue and fruits. Yum.
This beautiful strawberry cake is served with homemade ice cream and fresh strawberries. It's pretty hard to resist!
You can also order a whole cake for a special event or birthday!


If you're looking for a delicious patisserie, this place serves authentic sweets in a welcoming setting. It is a perfect place for an afternoon sweets set after a lovely stroll in the neighborhood.
Lili Wanderlust
I love travelling and discovering new cuisines. Japan has a panoply of local dishes to try. I also love yoga, coffee, reading, and cycling.

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