Updated: January 29, 2019
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A Look Inside Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe In Akihabara, Tokyo!


Eorzea Cafe is a themed Final Fantasy cafe based on the universe of FFXIV. The interior will blow you away, and the themed foods will thrill any fan of the famous Square Enix game. There are only two in Japan: one in Tokyo and another in Osaka. Here's a look inside the branch in Akihabara, Tokyo!

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Final Fantasy-Themed Cafe In Akihabara!

If you're a fan of the Final Fantasy series by the Japanese company Square Enix, Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe is a place you have to put on your bucket list when you visit Japan. Located in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, the cafe is a sanctuary of everything FFXIV. It's based on the awesome universe of that game - Erozea being the name of the region where the game unfolds.
Stepping in, you'll feel the Final Fantasy vibe big time!
The middle lamps, the weapon ornaments on the wall and the moogles really set the tone!
Before getting to your place, you'll have to take a moment to walk around and notice all the cool decorations!

Reservation System

Warning! You have to reserve a day in advance, so please plan ahead. Eorzea Cafe has a special time system where you reserve for periods of 120 minutes. There are four time slots to choose from: 11:30~13:30, 14:00~16:00, 16:30~18:30, 19:00~22:00. You can reserve online or at Lawson convenience stores in Japan. For information about online reservations, see the link below.

An Ever-Evolving Menu

The food and drinks served at the cafe are constantly changing, just like the game! Menu items are literally drawn from the fans' imagination. People send their suggestions, by making drawings and explaining what they'd like to have, and the cafe creates dishes and drinks largely inspired by winning entries. The items below are what we had.

Dragon eyes korokke

All of the items served are interesting references to some aspect of the game. Fans will know about these dragon eyes! In this case, the ones above are korokke (deep-fried balls of chopped meat), a comfort food you have to try while you are in Japan. The inside will surprise you! These are legitimately excellent korroke too! They are served on a bed of cabbage.

Ravana’s Spicy Mabo Tofu

This mabo tofu (dish of minced meat and tofu in a spicy sauce) was really flavourful! It comes with three different kinds of spices so that you can change the taste of your dish as you eat it. The spices are shichimi (a traditional Japanese spice mixture), doubanjiang (a Chili bean sauce), and togarashi paste (a kind of paste made from Japanese Chili peppers).

Tamamizu soda

This drink was perhaps the most impressive thing we ordered. It's made with Ramune, a Japanese carbonated soft-drink, and decorated with a really cool red coral-shaped candy. It has some coloured cherries in it and a salted brim. You can have it with or without alcohol.

Ninja amazake

Another beautifully made drink decorated with a ninja's shuriken. This is "amazake", which is a kind of non-alcoholic sweet sake. It is mixed with milk and has some lemon in it too. The combination is surprisingly refreshing and smooth. It's served with a syrup so you can adjust the sweetness. Amazake is a traditional drink so it's fun to be able to discover some of Japan's food culture as you enjoy some cool Final Fantasy drinks.

Namazu mizu manju set

Served with green tea, these mizu manjus have prints of the Namazuo character on them. They are all the rage right now because of the popularity of Namazuo himself! And in case you don't know, a mizu manju is a traditional Japanese dessert made from rice flour and stuffed with sweet beans. It is a popular light summer dessert. Give it a try if you haven't already!


The fun doesn't end with the food and decor. Indeed, you'll get a collectable souvenir coaster every time you go, they have a point card system from which you can get special goods, and if you go there and can't get in because you don't have a reservation, make sure to check the official goods corner!
Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe is located a 5-minute walk from the Akihabara station, inside the Pasela Resorts Akiba Multi Entertainment complex.

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Akihabara

You may also be interested in the Square Enix cafe near the Akihabara station. Check out the link below for information on that one.

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Osaka

There is also a Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe in Osaka! Check out the link below to easily get tickets to Final Fantasy's Eorzea Cafe in Osaka. You can also try the theme drinks and foods for a complete experience.

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