Updated: November 07, 2018
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The Must Eat Foods Of Hiroshima! Here's What To Have

Hiroshima City

Okonomiyaki has an amazing food culture that you should discover while you are there. Must eat foods include okonomiyaki, oysters, ramen, and broiled eel dishes.

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Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki

Two places in Japan are famous for okonomiyaki: Osaka and Hiroshima. The Osaka-style Okonomiyaki is cooked by mixing all the ingredients such as eggs, shredded cabbage, and flour. You pour the mixed batter onto the hot pan and create a round shape. It usually comes with seafood or meat toppings and this is grilled separately on the pan.

The Hiroshima-Style Okonomiyaki uses similar ingredients as the Osaka-style, but the biggest difference is that while the Osaka-style mixes all the ingredients, the Hiroshima-style layers each ingredient. Also, the Hiroshima-style always includes noodles (either yakisoba or udon) and a fried egg.

See the link below for some reliably awesome places for okonomiyaki in Hiroshima.

BONUS INFO - Okonomiyaki Mura

You can find okonomiyaki restaurants virtually everywhere in the city but a good place to go for the ultimate Hiroshima okonomiyaki experience is Okonomiyaki Mura which is a sort of okonomiyaki theme park in the heart of Hiroshima. The place comprises 24 Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki shops in the same building on 3 floors. Every restaurant has its own unique flavor. The taste is differentiated in part because Sun Foods created 24 unique sauces for each restaurant. Each joint of course also has its particular atmosphere cooking techniques and use slightly different ingredients. The Mura is one of the most popular destinations for families in Japan traveling to Hiroshima. So you will see plenty of little people there!


Hiroshima is one of the four regions in Japan famous for growing delicious oysters. They are known to be small, but incredibly meaty and tasty. They are a must eat for those reasons! You can have them as is or it's also quite common to find them as ingredients in okonomiyaki. See the link below for some good recommendations of places where to have oysters in Hiroshima.


Many regions in Japan have their own original ramen, and Hiroshima is quite the spot for some amazing creations with a regional twist. The most famous regional ramen of Hiroshima is the onomichi ramen which has a broth that is made of pork and soy which gives a strong umami impossible to resist. Hiroshima also has some independent ramen joints that serve their own style of ramen that you should definitely try. See the link below for a great list that we've compiled.


Ni-anago is a dish made of salt water eel that is seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, mirin, and sake, then broiled and placed cut into small pieces on a bowl of rice. It is a specialty of Hiroshima so definitely try it out while you are there.

A restaurant of long standing called Ueno Hiroshima is particularly well regarded for its ni-anago cuisine.
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