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[Akihabara] Wagyu Prime Rib Rib ราคานี้? | PRIME RIB ZEN[PR]


Wagyu has a reputation for being quite expensive, and peoples' wallets usually take a hit when going out for a wagyu dinner. However, today I will introduce a restaurant in Akihabara called 'PRIME RIB ZEN' where you can eat delicious aged wagyu prime rib at a reasonable price. Why not go??

ติดตาม แฟวี่ ได้เลย!

Features of PRIME RIB Zen

Check out the picture above to see the deliciousness of the wagyu prime rib offered at PRIME RIB ZEN.
PRIME RIB ZEN uses Japanese beef from Gunma Prefecture. The wagyu beef is wet-aged for 30 days before cooking in an oven at a low temperature (65 ° C) for about 7 hours. The finished product is amazingly tender and tasty. Wagyu is often cooked as steak, yakiniku, or shabu-shabu, but it is much less common to find prime rib like that served here. If you're already a fan of wagyu, or you're interested to try for the first time, this is a great option!

PRIME RIB ZEN has a very convenient location just a 6-minute walk from Akihabara station and offers English menus as needed. If you plan to go for dinner, it is advisable to make a reservation (some courses require a reservation to prepare at the restaurant).

Tender Beef Tendon and Daikon¥1,280

In Japanese, this dish is called 'gyu suji' and is a classic home-cooked food. The restaurant uses Japanese beef from Gunma prefecture, and after a long time stewing, the tendon of the beef has a beautifully soft texture that melts as you eat it. This dish has a lovely fragrance and a deep, beefy flavor that is absolutely scrumptious.

Small Wagyu Roast Beef Bowl ¥780

This roast beef bowl is both filling and wonderfully tasty. Tender pieces of wagyu roast beef top a pile of white rice. The dish is topped with an egg yolk and garnished with green onions and a house-made soy sauce-based tare. It's a rich and satisfying meal that's also quite affordable.

Wagyu Roast Beef Sushi 3 pieces / 5 pieces ¥330 / ¥550

These sushi pieces combine tender slices of wagyu roast beef with sushi rice. It's quite a good combination that's almost similar to fatty tuna, but with a beefy flavor (obviously). They are quite tasty and worth trying.

Venison Stew ¥980

In addition to beef, PRIME RIB ZEN also offers a few dishes that feature venison. It's rare to find wild game at Tokyo restaurants, and even more so to find deer from Mie Prefecture, where Prime Rib Zen gets its venison. Don't miss the chance to try this unique dish while you're here.

The venison is prepared with care to ensure that the gamy smell is removed. The Stew is cooked in a pressure cooker until the meat becomes tender. The finished stew is both tasty and packed with nutrients. Give it a try!

Roast Deer ¥1,280

In addition to venison stew, another dish you can't miss is the roast deer. As you can probably tell, venison has a very low fat content, has comparatively low calories, and is packed full of nutrients including protein and minerals. The deer meat is prepared in a similar way to the wagyu, but has a completely different taste and texture, making it very interesting to eat and compare.


PRIME RIB ZEN has an open dining room that is casual and comfortable. It's a very nice place to kick back and relax while you enjoy the delicious food. Ordering a-la-carte is an option, but if you have a group of 4 or more people, you might want to consider getting one of the course meals, many of which feature an all-you-can-drink option.

A Sample Dinner Course ¥4980

The fantastic course meals, such as the one shown above, include a huge variety of dishes at an affordable price. You'll get to eat not only the prime rib but also a great variety of side dishes including dessert.
The most popular course is the all-you-can-drink ¥4980 course which comes with all of the most popular dishes including prime rib, handmade tofu, salad, and more!
Note that courses must be ordered for the entire table.

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