Updated: March 23, 2020
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5 Nakano Restaurants That Are Incredibly Delicious


There are so many good restaurants around Nakano Station! It's truly a gourmet spot worth exploring. Here are some of our picks in that area! We've included cuisines of all genres so you're bound to find something you like.

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Miharu 味治 for Unagi

Miharu is a super quaint house restaurant serving some of the best unagi
(freshwater eel) in Tokyo. Plump and juicy on the inside, and slightly crispy on the outside with the perfect savory tare sauce brushed on it as the unagi is grilled, the uanju set at ¥3,000 is their signature dish. They also serve some interesting and very affordable eel skewers from ¥300.

The restaurant has 10 counter seats and two tables that can seat up to four people each.

Yuki Daruma ゆきだるま for Jingisukan

Lamb yakiniku called 'jingisukan' is a huge thing in Hokkaido. Luckily for us in Tokyo, there are a couple of good restaurants here as well, and Yuki Daruma is one of them. Located on the south side of Nakano station, you can enjoy all kinds of excellent lamb cuts that you grill yourself on a helmet-shaped skillet at your table.

If you're really hungry and want to drink too, note that there is an all-you-can-eat course with free-flowing alcohol for ¥4,680 (90 minutes).

Daini Chikara Shuzo 第二力酒蔵 for Seafood

This old restaurant (opened in 1967) doesn't seem like much from the outside but you'll be blown away by the quality of the seafood you can get. Everything is outstanding whether you have their delicate kappo dishes (boiled or grilled fish), their sashimi, kaisendon, tempura jumbo shrimps, or seasonal crabs from Hokkaido.

Chuka Soba Aoba 中華そば 青葉 for Ramen

This is a famous ramen joint in Nakano that has been around for about 25 years. It has expanded to different locations but this is the original one.

The ramen they serve is a cross between the light-tasting but fragrant Tokyo style of ramen and the strong-tasting Kyushu style made from the broth of both pork and chicken bones. At Aoba, they add fish stock for an extra complex and deep-tasting umami broth. The soup is exceptionally tasty. Give it a try and you'll know why this place is so popular!

Yamiyami Curry YamiYamiカリー for Curry

This is a popular curry house in Nakano. The curry has a base of coconut milk and has some lemongrass in it, so the taste is, to a certain extent, similar to a Thai curry. The owner, however, has added some traditional Japanese ingredients to give it another twist. The curry is truly unique in its taste and fragrance.

Pictured above is the Minced Meat And Tomato Curry With Cheese (合挽き肉と完熟トマトの焼きチーズカリー) at ¥900. The dish is broiled before your eyes. It releases a scent of cheese with a mix of spices that is just irresistible.

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